Discover The City

London Sightseeing can be done all over the year and the possibilities are endless. With not just tourists will find out what´s on in London and discover some useful information. With the following budget travel tips for the UK´s capital also locals are able to reveal some unknown secrets of their city and find out how to save money in London.


London Sightseeing

In my opinion the best way to see the city is still by walking around, riding a bike or taking the public bus. Take a city map or download a good app like or Citymapper. and choose your personal route.

Find more information on cheap ways of transport here.





Rooftops & Views

The Shard is a very famous and expensive way to see the city from above. However, if you follow the rules of discount London, you will get the same fantastic overview over the city entirely for free. Check out the following London attractions that still many people have never heard about.

  • Sky Garden: You´ll need a reservation to come up here to this roof garden but it is for free. The view from the city´s skyline centre is amazing. So plan a bit ahead and book your free visit here.
  • Franks café: Peckham has a lot of independent art and music. Franks café is located here and thus the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the charisma of South London and thus one of the best rooftop bars in London. Just come by and visit!
  • Heron Tower: If you are passing by Bishopsgate and feel like having a drink or a coffee, why don´t you do it here at one of the top rooftop venues in London? You´ll get stunning views for free!


  • A collection of different rooftop bars you can find here.
  • If you like parks, I can recommend to visit either Hampsted Heath or Greenwich Park. Both places offer beautiful views over the whole city.



You haven´t seen the city, if you haven´t checked out at least one of the many markets in London. They are all different and have their own charming touch. Of course you can buy all kinds of different things here, but it is also enjoyable to just go for a walk. Often you´ll even discover some free live music just by strolling around.

Visit London offers an overview about the most famous and popular markets. In my opinion, make sure to not miss out a Saturday on Druid Street Market and Saturday/Sunday Maltby Street Market. They are local, small and close to some fantastic breweries.






In general all museums in London are for free. Here you can find amazing treasures of history, art und culture.

The magazine Time Out collected a selection of the many museums in London you can find. If you don´t like general museum visits, maybe the special museum nights have more to offer for you. Check out what´s on in London right now.